Assaulted By Staff At Potosi

 We received the following message about a man who was assaulted by a staff member while in handcuffs at Potosi Correctional Center. 

*Names redacted by Missouri Prison Reform

I was in the shower the other night & I heard some commotion on the walk. I looked out & watched this older guard (CO 1 ******) grab a black inmate (in cuffs) by his throat & slam his head against the wall while another guard (CO 1 ******) was agreeing with the inmate, that he did nothing wrong. She then threw her hands up as though to say, “What is this officer doing?” The male guard then slammed the inmate to the ground & when their superior officers came in, the female maintained that the inmate never did anything to deserve to be slammed against the wall or onto the floor. The male guard was then removed from the housing unit. It was later that we found out that the guard that did this was going through a nasty divorce. See if you can relay that story to the MO Prison Reform lady. It happened the night of the 27th into the 28th during showers.”


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