Tim Hartness...

Anyone who’s contacted constituent services and gotten Tim Hartness to “help” them can tell you how little this man does. 

Remember this exchange from Chris Neiman? https://www.moprisonreform.org/2021/02/constituent-services-response-to-family.html Well, the next day Chris asked if he and the family member could start over. He really appeared to make an attempt at trying to help. So the family member typed out a long email explaining the situation and letting Mr. Neiman know what questions she had exactly. Then today, instead of getting a response back from Mr. Neiman, she gets Tim Hartness...sorry, my autocorrect wanted to type “heartless”...silly. Good thing I caught that. 

Tim, would it kill you to call the guy by his name? Instead of “offender”? This is her family member. 


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