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God Is In Prison, Too

  A letter we received from LeVar Aikens who's incarcerated at ERDCC in Bonne Terre.  "God is in prison too. There is this misinformation that the D.O.C. has put out there, that prisons are "correctional centers" and "rehabilitation" is available. They even give us little booklets when we first come here---decades ago---trying to make us believe the lie. This place tries to, or does, destroy every part of you and takes away everything you love. It's rules are the exact opposite of society, and if you do something that is good or normal in society you will receive a conduct violation. Then they tell you they are preparing you for society. All the while staff bring in fentanyl that causes overdoses, death, and creates an even more dangerous environment. If any of prison was good for mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical wellness, and was a place of rehabilitation then why are we dehumanized, why are we being maced and put in the hole for/while prayin

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