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How Many Innocent People Are In Missouri Prisons? (Ken Middleton)

If you’re unfamiliar with incarceration, you probably have no idea how many actual innocent people there really are in prisons. Unfortunately, Missouri is not the exception. Here’s the story of yet another innocent person serving time in a Missouri prison told to us by his son.  “ IN MISSOURI INNOCENCE IS NOT ENOUGH BECAUSE PROCEDURE’S AND FINALITY IS MORE IMPORTANT!  People who have been through our broken justice system know the pain and frustration of that all to well. Not to mention the heartbreak of watching a family member languish in prison for a crime they didn’t commit or a ridiculous sentence due to an inept attorney.  My father Ken Middleton’s case should really shock the conscience of most people and I would encourage you to take a look at my website for all the details.  But in short, in 1990 my “bonus mother” tragically mishandled a pistol causing it to fire and striking her on the left side of her forehead. My father was convicted the following year of her death and I ha

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